Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nothin but a Cherrio day!

My Kids love Cherrios!! So this particular box had a book in the window. I removed the book and then placed the box on my children's heads! It was great. We have a Akayla in the box, Shayla in the box and even Emmy in the box. This is what we do in our spare time. :-)

My Day Dreaming Akayla

4-12-11 My Lovely Day Dreaming Akayla!! She is a very active little thing and rarely rests. My Akayla can read most 3 letter words (when she wants too) and enjoys teaching her sister new things, whether they're good or bad. She has a favorite stuffed animal that's a pink yorkie named Cricket. Akayla loves to sleep in except on the mornings that her mommy has had a late night. Not quite sure how that works out. She is super friendly and enjoys learning/speaking spanish when she can. She'd prefer to wear a skirt over pants any day/rain or shine. Her favorite food is the mini pizzas from Taco bell and also Mac n' cheese with hotdogs and ketchup. She loves Kiwis, string cheese, fruit snacks, peanuts, grilled cheese with tomatoe soup. My Akayla is my favorite 4 year old!

Emersynn and Shayla 4-9-11

One day Akayla went to a friend's house and Shayla not having her older sister around to torture, decided to play with her little cousin instead. I'm folding laundry and look up and this is what I see.......

Big 5 Sporting good store 4-7-11

Akayla, Shayla and I went to Big 5 sporting good store and found Keidy a great present. Mexico soccer ball. Awesome!!! Then as we were leaving, I thought it would be great if I took the girl's picture next to these huge balls, Soccer for Keidy and Basketball for my dad. Hilarious! I love my goofy girls!

Adorable Emersynn 3-26-11

This is a super cute pic of Emersynn's beginning to smile days! I love her!

April Fools Prank 2011

Theme this year is Slugs!! Nickole Hendry and I found all sorts of slug pictures and Nickole found a pet slug for Dr. Lee named Speedy! Hilarious!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Lovely Sister Triana is having a baby Girl!! Her name is going to be Emersynn Jane Sherwood. How freakin cute!! Check out this ultrasound picture, lil' M&M is sucking her thumb!! Isn't that the cutest thing ever??? I'm sooooo envious that my little ones were never thumb suckers, it would have saved me a lot of hassel when I lost the binkies. :-) hahahaha So excited for the new arrival in December. Yahoo!!! Akayla says that when the baby comes that they will be three sisters. So Presh!